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My Rap Name is Alex - Summer 2014 Show "Free Dance Party"

0:00 - Row Your Boat

Row, row, row your boat as gently as you please
In our cities you're still not going to find any trees that aren't diseased

4:08 - g.e.a. #4 (& some #2)

green to tha earth to tha al
I ain't tried this style in a while
I been keepin a really low profile
but you can sorta see by the sinister smile
I got enough flow to go buckWILD
gimmie an an inch and I'll take a pile o miles
Whatever. I never really endeavored to be clever
just endeavor to be better than I've ever been before
and don't really ask for more. Score!
Your vagabond shoes are longing to stray
n that's kinda freakin me out now OKAY???
don't mind me, I'm just tryin to see
how much cat yak, landed up in your nap sack

me... as shy as I am
I was the perfect man to NEVER be in a band
but here I am,
one day Hey wandered on stage,
started my next phase, TRY you'll be amazed
someone says hey let there be lights
and low and behold I am aight on the mic
there were a whole lot of lyrics screaming to be said
that started tumbaling out of my head
I figured better off dead from the fury of the fight
than to live on my knees in a life without life
Get up! And get right! Don't be part of their plight
Don't fall in their trap. What? You never seen a wookie rap?
Well, I don't really care about that.

Green to the Earth to the Al, back again, your Earth friend
me gustarle vivir con amor. Tu tambien?
it's that dapper rapper that's dressed like a crayola
and 20 years on I'm still gon boycott coca-cola
All in all I'm just another lonely homie in the wall
Some days I rock the hottest spot, and some days I don't talk at all
sometimes I don't wanna rhyme with wordplay all clever
I just wanna sit here... all alone... in the strawberry field... forever
but I guess I can't stop I got to get it get it
it keeps coming to my mind so I guess I have to come wit it
Learned a lot o things that really put me to the test
since I started wearing the word reUse on my chest
a little north of Best, a little south of concieted
dogpile on the stress yet I'm yet to be defeated
here in the northeast every creek got a Mill street
where we throw our whatever, then act like "Well I Never!"
It's hard to think of us as clever, as a species
neck deep in our own feces.
but love will keep us together, or at least it will try
it's best but the rest I guess is up to you and I

love will keep us together, or at least it will try
it's best but the rest I guess is up to you and I

love will keep us together, or at least it will try
it's best but the rest I guess is up to you and I

9:30 - Bulls on Parade (Rage Aginst the Machine cover)

a link to the lyrics for Bulls on Parade

14:04 - Toaster

All my Mammals raise a paw, the Vegans are real raw
welcome back to allayaw and please respect the dance floor
Mr.NiA is in the building. Great! Good to see ya
lookin all fly --I-- guess I could wanna be ya
See, uh, Me and Sophia feel that it is crystal cle-ah
That this beginnin's winning n we're all winners he-uh
But let me stop playin, y'all don't know nothin 'bout what I'm sayin
You might not know me from Adam and Hey, that is okay / when
I look inside my mirror I still see me
another captive trapped in minimum security
with a bit of a proclivity for sensitivity
trying not to let my inhibitions inhibit me
my ancestors could recognize hickory
and they had a thousand different uses for chicory
but since then we're trained to view our habitat differently
I've come into an unnatural nature deficiency
but I'm studying to try to get it back and that's me
when you look inside your mirror what do you see?

You and me baby we mammals. CELEBRATE!
We're great! We the mammals that invented the date.
some monkeys crouch in the closet and meditate for satisfaction
while other apes are out waiting for them to discover direct action
ruminating rodents will just watch while wolves are fleecing
pontificating upon the merits of owning, renting or leasing
meritless verbs, full sounding empty words
here to distract us from the actions of maintaining healthy herds
what you've touched in another's mind is the only thing lasting left behind
I'd say it's time to shake your behind with the first friends that you can find
'cause even in a line of lonely lemmings trying to recollect how to reconnect
moving all four feet to the beat is how you show space and time some respect
risk eye contact. Smile! At worst some frumple-face gets annoyed
find those fleeting moments of freedom and just explode into the void
Shove an arm through, you got to, like an elevator door
Wring every drop out onto the floor and then ring it a little more
It's time for radical care, there's not a moment to spare
Love like life itself depends on it, we'll get there

19:16 - Get the Feeling Right

Let's get the feelin right right I like it
the feelin ain't right. Alright we gotta right it
If the fire goes out don't pout just relight it
if power come around get down we gotta fight it
when it's time to cry just cry
when they say it's time to lie ask why
the lights go on come on don't be shy
you ain't got to be able to fly to touch sky
don't worry that it's not good enough
it's your dance it's all good. Good? Understood
are you lookin for the love of your life or a fling
either scene could be just the thing. Ha!

Let's get the felin right keep it right
you get the feelin just right you feel the funk all night
I know why the caged bird can sing
music exists just to fix everything
I know why all the fools fall y'all love is the answer
and why is rhythm smiling? I know. Rhythm's a dancer
Why are you smiling is it the change of the season?
And I'm a BlooThirsty Vegan so I don't need a reason
I was surprised when we locked eyes honey bunch
now I know what you like or at least I got a strong hunch
some things only music can do and we've come to do those things for you

for you

22:48 - I - Uh!

what do I want for my daughter?
clean air. Clean water. The chance to see an otter.
And there ough ta still be birds, bugs and bees
and puh-lease, can there still be some trees
you can see it in the way a young college aged man
throws a rock at a parking lot pidgen because he can
we're raised these days waging war against the Earth
But for you it will be different from the day of your birth
when your mom and I loved you into existance
under the sign "respect existance or expect resistance"
so love the whole world with persistence
like we you no matter the distance
we cucooninated you, some day you'll turn into a beauty-love-o-fly
spread your love so far you'll never die
see the destroyers of the Earth and look them in the eye
like I am not a guy, I am I, Hi
Hey Hiya Aya, Adinkra, Not afraid of you,
goddess of the skies I rise, strong and true
Woman Warrior wielding a white flag ready
lose or win wading in to untangle the spaghetti

I see the sun that radiates so great in the sky and I, Uh!...
I feel the waves that freed the slaves oh my and I, Uh!...
As the land gives way to the sand and the tide I-I, Uh!...
I feel heard and feel pride and it's alright outside I, Uh!...

What do I want for my little girl?
Well, there could still be a world,
for a start, And I will try to do my part
livin life by the labor of my own two feet
as I transport us through the streets
where one day I saw as clearly as the sun in the sky
in an ol' wandrin man, wit a damn near tear in his eye
who stated quite clearly without averting his gaze,
without stopping or slowing down, said "Yeah. I miss those days"
He probly knew the ache in my back, like it was yesterday
the sacrifice, time that I lack, he said it anyway
so I just can't take it for granted, and never do
the gift that is you, my little dream come true
but some dudes are the type to bring a gun to a knife fight
so I hope you'll benefit by what I've learned in my life, right
don't never to the ever let others dominate you
but then niether to the either try to tell everyone what to do
no you... should know the best way to talk is to teach
and real eyes realize and see the beauty in each
clearly dear ears that know to listen will learn
and just accept Babylon's abominations will burn
follow your heart with fleet feet don't just stand and yearn
but do choose to pay your dues when you should wait your turn
some haters are gonna hate but wait don't be concerned
the cred that comes when you create equates to haters you've earned

I see the sun that radiate so great in the sky and I, Uh!...
I feel the waves that freed the slaves oh my and I, Uh!...
As the land gives way to the sand and the tide I-I, Uh!...
I feel the herd and see the pryde and it's alright outside I, Uh!...

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