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Brief Bio
My Rap Name is Alex. For the last ten years I've been a solo performer and since 2007 I have been a rapper in the live hip hop band, BloodThirsty Vegans.

I became a performance poet due to my outrage at our species choosing war and destruction over peace, choosing violence and cruelty over kindness, and choosing pollution and waste over our continued existence. I never set out to be in a band but a really good band heard my poetry and decided to join forces so I set my social commentary to music and never looked back. In 2013 I developed and interst in Loop music and started a looping website and embarked on adventure to find my own musical voice whenever BloodTHirsty Vegans are otherwise occupied.

Recently I began a Patreon campaign at and a YouTube channel at and a pay-what-you-can-afford bandcamp store for my audio releases at . So the message and the music are now available in whatever way you'd like to receive it.

Peace & Love & Tolerance & Justice,
-My Rap Name is Alex
Musical Description
My Rap Name is Alex touches screens and machines to create intense musical soundscapes and raps over that with lyrics about Peace & Love & Tolerance & Justice.

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