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I created this video for a song I wrote called “Lovestream” recently.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Free 30 minute dance party! by My Rap Name is Alex

Free 30 minute dance party! by My Rap Name is Alex

On Saturday, August 2nd I was supposed to play a free 30 minute set outside on Allen Street as part of the Buffalo infringement Festival.  Unfortunately there was a downpour that day and I was rained out.  Not to be defeated I went back home, set up my gear, set up some cameras and played the music that was bubbling up inside of me begging to get out.

The video was too dark, that audio quality didn’t really turn out, but I got mega inspired.  I decided I could become a musician AS A JOB *AND* I could start offering my music on a “pay what you can” basis.  The next day I began plans to start a Patreon page and after just circulating the link to a handful of friends and family members I am already half way to what would be a comfortable living for me.  Please click the Patreon link above if you are able to contribute.

SO now it’s a couple weeks later and my love person, Sophia, was kind enough to run cameras for me (and did a great job).  These are different songs than the set I recorded at first (I tend to shuffle the cards in my set book and play whatever comes up).  Ended up being a great set.  I hope you enjoy it!  Free Dance Party!

the Set List:
0:00 - Row Your Boat
4:08 - g.e.a. #4 (& some #2)
9:30 - Bulls on Parade (Rage Aginst the Machine cover)
14:04 - Toaster
19:16 - Get the Feeling Right
22:48 - I - Uh!

Here is a link to all the lyrics:

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Tomorrow Night in Buffalo, NY.

3 years in the making

My Rap Name is Alex [lyrics] House of Cards

photo by Jim R Ruiz

We were born for each other, sisters and brothers
given our druthers we weave through each other’s
existence, we exist to assist
through our children we persist
we were born of the mist and return to the dust
in between we’re sposed to clean up

lyrics to the first verse of “I Stand Up for Others” by BloodThirsty Vegans.

A short, short time ago, right around the block
a gang of old money frat boys got all juiced by the size of their…
Stock portfolio
and… got… all hopped up on sugar like the great Cornhoolio
From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli
to the reservation nation… to the penal colony
they divided the human family.  Bade us to fight
And we’re dumb enough to duke it out.  That ain’t right.
But now we’re excited.  United.  Ready to resist.
Delighted to exist… to rise like a FIST
Stand for solidarity to strong to divide
It’s time for all oppressed people in the one world tribe
To get live
Start feeling the way the world could be
Should be… would be… will be
You feel me?
We try to feel free while civil liberties erode on the real
It’s a free country.
That’s what Americans Say but don’t Feel!

I Stand Up For Others
lyrics by My Rap Name is Alex

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