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New 20 track album, "Collage Radio"
May.1.2015(fri) at 12:01am

BIG News! I have just released my second full length music album, Collage Radio. It features a collaboration with my partner in rhyme, MC Vendetta, of the BloodTHirsty Vegans. A collaboration with my partner in life, Sophia. A really cool collaboration with my partner in being broke, Hooizzy (with production by Joe V of the EVC). Also, there is a track I did with a bunch of the original BloodThirsty Vegans. There are several songs that feature music from one of my favorite groups of all time, fudgychewie, including a full on collaboration with them near the beginning.

The CD is available for the amazingly affordable price of 'Pay what you think it's Worth' and comes in bleeped(Radio Edit) and unbleeped(uncensored) flavors. The awesome cover collage was created by Sophia. Thanks also to all of the community activists and parents of young children who contributed their voices to this project. Click here to give a listen.
New performance video for "I-Uh!"
May.12.2015(tue) at 6:15pm

I-Uh! is the 39th My Rap Name is Alex track and is track 19 on my new album Collage Radio. Here is a live performance video of the lyrics with some music that I improvised.
Mar.13.2015(fri) at 8:51pm

I created this video for a song I wrote called “Lovestream” recently. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

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